Split Oak Egg Basket Buttocks Hand Woven

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 Split Oak Egg Basket Buttocks Hand Woven


Egg Basket

You must leave a comment for this Hand Woven Split Oak Egg basket to qualify!

People have been weaving baskets and egg baskets since the beginning of time. Baskets have been in use for as long as anyone can tell. They were the primary way to transport items for centuries.

Baskets were made from bull rush, willow, etc. Anything that could be bent and woven together was used as a basket! Many people make the split oak buttocks egg basket and it is a very desirable and collectible item. I don’t know when these beautiful baskets were first made of by what culture but they are here to stay.

Egg Basket 1


This basket we have here for our GIVEAWAY is a very nice basket. This is the Buttocks Split Oak Egg Basket and in wonderful condition. As you can see there is a small hole in the band? I do not know how or when that happened? It is just like you see it and it is free to some lucky person who leaves a comment on this post below.

Egg Basket 2


Our Split Oak Egg Basket measures 9″ x 9″ x 4″. The handle is not included in this measurement. The measurement from the table to the top of the handle top is 8″.

This is a gently used egg basket and is still in wonderful condition. It would be a great addition to a collection or make a wonderful item for the little one to gather the eggs in! Either way, I think you will be well pleased.

Egg Basket 4
To qualify for the split oak egg basket leave a comment in the window below with your first and last name just like it is on your Facebook page.

When we draw for the egg basket we will announce the winner here and on our Chicken Review Facebook Page.

This GIVEAWAY is going on from November 8th until November 16th at midnight.

The winner will be announced on the 18th after lunch. You will have until the 23rd to respond or we will re-draw and give it to another lucky winner.

If you are the winner you must contact us in order to get the egg basket.

Don’t forget to leave your comment below to qualify!

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Congratulations, Julie Nelson is our winner! 



  1. Sandra Leftwich says

    Love the baskets. I’ve collected handmade baskets for several years, but the only one I do not have is an egg basket. This one is very nice.

  2. says

    That is a beautiful basket and I would love to give it a home here in my log cabin.
    I am right off the Applachian Trail next to Jefferson National Forest in SW Va.
    The basket would be lovingly cared for and be treated like royalty in my cabin.
    Please pick me to adopt your beautiful basket!
    Thank you

  3. Lataine Thomas says

    Would love to give the egg basket to my little sister for her eggs . She teaches school and comes home to take care of the chicks. Lovely basket.

  4. Mary Ellen Beltner says

    I have always loved these baskets and they are beautiful. Hoping to have some chickies some day soon so I can put some of “my” eggs in it.. As it is I can put the farm fresh ones I buy in it.. and DREAM!

  5. Marie Carter Redmon says

    This basket is beautiful! I have a good size basket collection already and would love to add this one to it!

  6. Patricia Scott says

    Lovely Baskets…I am hoping to have eggs soon with my little flock of hens….hopefully. As a newbie to raising free range chickies…who would have thought it is a very delicate operation of raising these babies….so, I am pressing on with a few more Hens…I love my chickies !!

  7. peggy adams says

    This is so cute! Would love to be able to win this. We would use it every day to gather eggs. That our lovely girls give us.

  8. Melissa Haviland says

    I love baskets! What a handy basket, I would use this for a garden gathering basket too, not just eggs at Easter. I can’t believe that I don’t have a egg basket. Hopefully this beautiful basket will be added to my collection soon. ♡

  9. Candace Gobble says

    I love handcrafted things such as this basket from the primitive days. Very beautiful wish I had the talent!

  10. robyn stubenraugh-slivka says

    Wow, this would be just the thing to cheer my 4 year old daughter and husband up! You see we have a beautiful coop made all from Cyprus that my husband and his little helper built. Raised the chickens from peeps and then ended up in a lengthy battle with boro manager because he believes we live in a much to sophisticated neighborhood for chickens! Please my neighbor pees in his front yard! The chickens are now in hiding as my husband fights to have ordinance changed… This would be a lovely basket to take eggs to township meetings in! As my husband is determined to show council members how much better fresh eggs are!

  11. Betta Plemons Antee says

    This is a beautiful basket and one I would cherish for a lifetime. What a wonderful treasure to have!

  12. Cherryl Pack says

    I love your basket! It reminds me of my younger days visiting the farm and gathering the eggs for my grandparents on the farm. I cherish all my old memories!

  13. Donna Trott says

    This takes me back to my younger years, helping my Grandma gather eggs on her farm. She favored my with a similar basket to use, it was rare anyone could hold this basket as her Papa had made it for her. How I wish I could walk those steps again. Would love to have the charming basket. Enjoying your site.

  14. says

    Love this basket, the shape is great!
    This would make my chores a lot easier. We have a farm lease, and my chickens are there. Happily laying about a dozen + eggs a day. I could sure use a good basket to transport them home.

  15. Clare Perkowski says

    Love baskets and using them throughout my home. I have some that are really dear to me, especially the one my Mom had made by hand. It’s very special.

  16. Lori Hollenberger says

    This is a wonderful site! I love your giveaways and all the helpful information. Reminds me of going to Grandmas house in Kentucky! Keep up the great work.!

  17. Azzie Miller says

    Love, love, Love baskets. Used to make them, but would love to have this one. Might inspire me to make more!!! ♥

  18. Cindy Wright Bowers says

    I love any authentic white oak split basket! Would love to add your sweet egg basket to my collection, as that is one that I don’t have.
    Good luck to all!

  19. Andrea Alongi says

    Wow! Oh my God how beautiful! I would love to have such a skillfully crafted basket for my very own! Truly a treasure to pass down through the generations. :-)

  20. Cindy says

    That is a beautiful egg basket. You would be able to use it for many different things around the house. Set it in the bathroom with rolled up washclothes, if you knit, put your yarn in it with the needles sticking out, there are so many ideas.

  21. Sharon Bates says

    I love split oak baskets. I have a collection that my Mama started foe me many years ago. She is in Heaven now. I think of her every time I see a split oak basket.

  22. Alisha Gruner Austin says

    So pretty. Absolutely love this beautiful egg basket. Use to have one like it. Did’nt think I would ever see another like it.

  23. Perri Hunley says

    I have recently started raising chickens again. My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer and while getting his treatment I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am now a 18 month survivor while my husband has been in remission for 2 months. We are eating farm fresh foods hince the chickens. I sure could use that beautiful egg basket to gather my eggs everyday.

  24. Wanda says

    That is a gorgeous basket. I also want to say that I love this site of yours. Enjoying all the pictures that take a mine back many times to places so forgotten these days. That was what it was all about.

  25. Brenda Lilley says

    Love this egg basket! Would definitely put it to good use in my country kitchen and for gathering eggs from our Production Reds!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Pagliarini says

    I have fresh eggs waiting to be placed in one of these beautiful baskets. Thank you for the chance to win one.


  27. Alexandra says

    I raised chickens when my kids we at home. Then life changed and I gave my chickens away. Now I have grandchildren and we are getting back into it. Can’t wait . When have paced an order on line for 12. We won’t be getting them till feb. Your basket would be loved here.

  28. Traci says

    I got two little chicks when my son was three. It has been such a wonderful journey. We have both learned so much! They have given us so much joy! On turned out to be a boy and we got to hatch our own baby chicks… Now my son is 11 and the chickens are so apart of our family… He is the egg gatherer and this basket would just make a adorable Christmas gift for him! It is just beautiful!

  29. Cheryl Jones says

    Cheryl Jones I have always liked baskets, and know that many of them from our history were for use in everyday life. They all have a story to tell, and many came from the woodland Indians and those that lived by creeks, and river beds. I like organic shapes and this one the split oak egg basket is that. Very nice.

  30. says

    I love love love baskets. I use them in my home in every room!I have even made a few. What fun it would be to collect eggs in this lovely egg basket.Wow feeling like a homespun women.

  31. Hazel Grass says

    I love baskets,this would be a great addition.I don’t have an egg basket,but would love one to gather my eggs in…I use an ice cream bucket now..love your site,I live on a farm in Nebraska….

  32. says

    I love baskets and would love to have an “egg collecting” basket to gather my brown eggs and my green eggs in. I get 10-12 eggs a day from my hens and two ducks!
    I have loved chickens and egg collecting since childhood ( about the age of 7) and that has been a long time….I am now 65…tells you how long I have loved them. As of now, I use my shirt tail to gather in and would love to win this beautiful basket!

  33. Joan Ransleben says

    I love baskets. My husband’s grandmother used to have one just like this. She used it everyday. After she passed, her family got rid of a lot of her stuff. I never saw her egg basket again, not sure as to what happened to it.

  34. Lynn Snyder says

    My eight year old is learning the ways “things used to be done” & this is something that has survived the test of time. We could collect the eggs today the way they used to do it and have a work of art as well as a piece of our history. Thank you for preserving it for future generations to love and cherish.

  35. Rebecca (Gaither) Yates says

    This would be great for collecting the eggs from my chickens. Just started raising them this year and it has been a blast. They are so funny to watch :)

  36. Anne V. Romney says

    My three year old son and I have just started our first flock of hens and would love to use this basket to gather our first eggs!

  37. Erich Huelsemann says

    I would love to own this basket! To wonder whose hands have held this basket, and how many eggs have been lovingly placed into it, would be a great joy to me!

  38. Susan Shappell says

    You should probably consider giving two of these away because we all know you shouldn’t put ALL your eggs in one basket!! I would consider it an honor and priviledge to own this basket and I’d certainly display it in a place of honor in my home. I would make sure to pass on it’s history with everyone who sees it proudly displayed in my kitchen.

  39. says

    I had one of these, when I was a little girl an old man, (bless his soul) made me a basket just like this and I treasured it for years. I never did know what happened to my basket, but I do know that I loved that basket. Thanks

  40. Suzanne Myers says

    Wow~ this is a beautiful basket. One I would be proud to take out and gather my eggs with!!! They are sturdy baskets that will last if taken care of!!!! Thank you for the give-away!!!

  41. DebraT says

    Beautiful basket. My grandmother had one like it. She kept 100 chickens in the 1960’s, when I was a young teen.

  42. Georgianne Summer says

    I was just telling my hubby I need an egg basket to collect our eggs, this is my first year having farm animals, I love it!

  43. Sandra Wheeler says

    Beautiful basket! I don’t have chickens but would be great on the cabinet with fruit in it. I love these baskets.

  44. karen says

    My daughter kinnzie gets our eggs for us every morning,she hand raised our 10 chickens!!! They all have names too! She would love to use this basket!! She is 9 years old. :)

  45. Rita Ramey says

    Baskets are so beautiful! I use them all year round as part of my decor in my house! I love the looks of a nicely decorated basket in a home!

  46. denise satterfield says

    My Great Aunt had many of these baskets in all sizes, at her death I asked about them but they were all long gone, hurt my heart.

  47. Karen Lynn Scott (Lawton) says

    I grew up in the hills of West Tennessee. Gathered eggs for my mother, but not in a basket nearly as precious as this one. Always remember to gently rinse your natural baskets in clean fresh water every once in a while (don’t soak) and allow to air dry to prevent the “wood twine” from becoming too dry and brittle.
    Faith, Hope, Love & a little bit of luck :)

  48. Kathy Martin Louque says

    These are very beautiful works of art…it would be my pleasure to hold one in my hands and use it for what it was made for. “Collecting Eggs”..

  49. says

    You basket is beautiful and looks to be well constructed. I would love to own it, it would be a prized possession and would be used for years to come to bring my eggs in from the coop. :)

  50. Linda Stevens says

    The baskets are beautiful. It is such art and skill to make them. I could imagine trying to make one and it is not a pretty picture.

  51. Carol Farmer says

    I would love to give this basket to my young daughter-in-law someday when they have their own home and use it to gather eggs from the chickens she plans to raise.

  52. Karen Duke Fowler says

    This is a wonderful piece of art. Eye candy to be held to. I am a fan of farm fresh eggs. This basket is a reminders of my childhood growing up on my Grandpa and Nannies ‘s farm!

  53. says

    I love everything that has to do with chickens. I love going out and seeing who has left me a present and also love it to,watch them rush to their nest during the day to lay. The basket is beautiful and I would love it as much as I love my chickens

  54. Lori Morris says

    I talked my hubby into mounting my antique nesting boxes on my family room wall. It is an 18 holer. Huge. I have thrwe taxidermied chickens in it. I would love to display this basket on my nesting box.

  55. laura lanham says

    The basket is so beautiful.. I actually have a bunch of plastic and wood eggs that would be lovely in it as centerpiece on my table. Or simply to use to gather herbs and flowers into.

  56. Terri Cook says

    I love this basket and the shape. I have many baskets that I have collected and this is one I don’t have! Would love to win. Slightly used? The best kind. Shows how sturdy it is. Love it!

  57. Sharon Bloomfield says

    My aunt and uncle had an egg farm in Georgia for years, I can remember going there and my aunt would hand me a basket similar to this one to pick up eggs in the hen house. Seeing this one brought back many memories of those times. Thank you for all the “old” things you show mw that remind my of my childhood and my adulthood. Things past can never be returned but we can look at things and remember days gone by……………………..Thank you and Peace be with you always

  58. Penny Collins says

    I so enjoy the pictures and inspirations of your Facebook page. And I have always had a special love for baskets. Who ever wins this basket I’m sure will enjoy it.

  59. Karen Hallett says

    I work at a Historic Village and we have a children’s program. We could use this basket to collect eggs with the children before they bake at our jail house. This would be wonderful. I have made one basket at a course. It was fun and I love them.

  60. Hildy Nell says

    I would love to pass this basket down to my 23 month old grand daughter when she gets older. I’ve given her a smaller basket that she hooks on her elbow then she carries her “stuff” in. We are teaching her to enjoy and protect her belongings, not destroy them like so many children do. I still have a willow basket that is probably over 100 years old.

    Thank you so very much for allowing us to praise your work and give us a chance to win this basket.

  61. Peggy Miller Cunningham says

    This basket is beautiful!
    I learned to cane chairs, and re-weave all types of chair seats when my first child was a baby so I could stay home with her and still make a bit of money. However, I never did undertake learning basket weaving, as it seemed too difficult for me.

    I would use this one to collect flowers and herbs, and also to keep in the kitchen as an herb or fruit basket.

  62. Linda Harris says

    This reminds me of the baskets I learned to make years ago when living in the North Carolina Piedmont. We called them “fanny bottoms”. I didn’t see the size noted in your text—but I think 8 – 10 inches. I have made many of this style basket smaller & larger with a variety of materials. This basket is very nicely woven, I did not see the hole you mentioned, but I’m sure it can be rewoven. I love your Facebook page and your great photographs, especially barns. I collect many of your barns on my Pinterest page with credit to you. Anyway, love the basket and congratulations on your growth!

  63. Linda McClaugherty Miller says

    I made a small yrs ago and sure would like this large one. My grandmother used one to collect her eggs. I would pass to daughter and granddaughter to use.
    Glad I found this web site.

  64. says

    Oh, the blessed joys of country life. Hard working folks who reside amongst the wooded hills, fields & creeks. Rising early, making that morning visit to the hen house to gather those freshly laid eggs. Courteously, greeting the plump hens, slipping your hand beneath their warm little feathered breasts to retrieve those fresh eggs. Then carrying them in your egg basket into the cottage kitchen, welcoming your nostrils with the smells of bacon, sausage, coffee & hot biscuits rising in the oven! What riches can compare with such treasured moments as these? Truly, my friends, it’s a wonderful life! ~ God Bless you ~ Every One! ~Wenonah Lee from Tennessee

  65. Fran says

    This would be the perfect basket to use for egg collecting, it could be something to pass on through the family as the grandkids learn to help collect eggs.

  66. Lavenna Carey says

    I carried one of these two gather the eggs when I lived at home. it brings back a lot of memories seeing that basket. Very good memories.

  67. Lisa Bletz says

    This is such a beautiful egg basket. I would “love” to win this !! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to win this !

  68. Donna says

    Hi, I have collected buttocks baskets for a few years now. I have all sizes but I don’t think I have one that is this size. I’d love to add it to my collection. Thanks.

  69. Sharon Owens says

    I have a collection of various baskets, but I do not have one like this. I would love to put this one in my collection. Thank you for having the giveaway, regardless of who wins.

  70. Lisa says

    I would love to have one of these egg baskets to carry my eggs in. I have been looking for a perfect egg baskets and I like these ones!!!

  71. Angelia Taylor says

    I love handmake baskets. When my children were young we lived in Arkansas and participated in jury craft fairs. My daughter made friends with another little girl whose folks went to the same fairs we did. Over the years they became fast friends and would spend time at each others houses. The little girl’s parents made split oak baskets and when my daughter went to visit they took her to the woods-taught her how to “pick” the right type of tree-let her help cut down an oak and then showed her how to make the spines by splitting the oak-and then how to make the baskets. Even though she is grown and married with her own family-she still stays in touch with her old friend and makes baskets. Several times a year her friends sends her a huge box of oak spines so she has something good to work with.

  72. Elle Geisser says

    love this basket! I know being Canadian I don’t qualify to win, but must comment! It reminds me of childhood and gathering eggs. Thanks for sharing.

  73. Faye Brumfield Williams says

    I would love this basket. I know someone put a lot of their time and heart into making it. Maybe it would inspire me to build the chicken coop I’ve always wanted. Can’t have the chickens without the coop and yard because the dogs wouldn’t allow it!

  74. Sandy Armstrong -Roper says

    I would love to add this egg basket to my collection and my grandson would help me use it as he does my wire basket now

  75. Tracy Wells says

    Love this basket. Perfecting for collecting eggs. Love roosters and chickens too! My grandma and grandpa had 100 at a time, most of my childhood growing up. So miss both my grandparents and their chickens : (

  76. Leah Holloway says

    My name is Leah Holloway… I would LOVE to win this most amazing basket! I would display it with great JOY with my other cherished baskets on top of my cabinets so that all my friends can enjoy the beauty of it! I would also have my children use it to collect eggs in as well… it is always BEST to have it serve the actual purpose it was created to be used for. This basket is truly LOVELY!! I am crossing my fingers and toes in hopes to win this one!! B)

  77. says

    I would love this basket, the outstanding quality seen in the pictures is amazing it would be a great addition to our farm for collecting the eggs from the chickens. If able to win one I would purchase another one for my country bathroom it would add that missing piece.

  78. Novel J. says

    Remember Moses was saved by being placed in a basket. I love baskets and am very sentimental so the things I keep have a connection to my life. I use to collect eggs with my cousin, Gina Mae at my granny’s. My sister found a basket aat a sale that was from where we grew up and gave it to me. A puppy had teethed on 2 corners but that made it that more special.
    I just found your blog because I love chickens. You should see my kitchen! :-)

  79. Connie says

    I hava a basket like this one. My papaw made it. He called it a gizzard basket. I love it . When my mother was growing up ,during World War 2, he made a lot of hand made things, out of necessity . Wooden bowls for bread making, crochet needles,Cain bottom chairs and many other things. I miss hem.

  80. says

    I gather eggs every afternoon and would love to have this basket. It has egg basket “written” all over it. :=). I bet my hens would be so proud their pretty brown eggs are going into such a beautiful little basket. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  81. Brenda Gailie Milligan says

    Hello, my name is Brenda, but my friends call me chickadee. I am married to James, “birdman” Milligan, and we are from Central Louisiana. We love chickens of all types and breeds. I enjoy collecting the eggs from our laying hens and would LOVE to own this wonderful basket for that purpose. Please consider me for your prize. Thank you and be blessed and have a wonderful chicken filled day!

  82. says

    I think that the baskets are beautiful and being hand made makes them more special, Hopefully I will be able to enjoy, and be able to use one of them in being a winner!! Thanx for sharing!! :o)

  83. Pat Rieck says

    CHICKENS R US. My mom always had chickens in her kitchen for decoration but my husband’s family raised chickens on their farm and I have a photo of him on a trike in his parents’ 1940-1950’s kitchen with a rooster on the handle bars. My grandkids’ paternal grandfather, also of that era, had a pet chicken and I have photo of that also. In my daughter’s family, the three kids and their daddy are raising chickens in my old playhouse (ruined by neglect) to supply the family and neighbors with brown eggs. Like my mom, I have (decorative) chickens in my kitchen, but with eggs scales and other things from hubby’s family farm but NO basket! So many chicken lovers; so few antique baskets.

  84. katie condy says

    that basket is beautiful.
    craftmanship like that should not be lost.
    we need to remember how to work with our hands & our heads
    not just with machines & patterns set before us.


  85. Lynn Richards-Shatswell says

    I would be very blessed and proud to own a basket like this! So much of our heritage is disappearing, I want my grandchildren to remember things I’ve told them or we shared!

  86. Jacki Rodgers says

    Such a beautiful basket. Puts me in mind of our old egg basket (which my older sister claimed). This would be a dandy to use gathering eggs (& show up my sister -ha)

  87. .Lois Mcdonald says

    Im getting a chicken coop and chickens for the first time in over 35 years and I would love to have your egg basket.

  88. Linna Joseph says

    My grandmother loved chickens and collected chicken-themed items. I would love this basket and would think of her when I looked at it.

  89. Wanda says

    I have been trying to collect chicken baskets. I just love them. My kitchen is in Roosters. I only have 2 of the baskets right now. But would really love to have this one. So Beautiful.. I love egg baskets..

  90. Barb says

    My daughter at age 7, trained 14 Buff Orpinton chickens to set. Every night when we went to run them in to the chicken house, they would set down and we had to carry them in. She even had one she would swing with.

  91. says

    I love baskets and all rustic items. I am one rustic item myself. lol I would love to win this basket to add to my collection. I sell crafts at the local Farmer’s Market and my chickens would look lovely with this basket.

  92. Marleen Ray says

    My mother and I liked to make woven baskets together. I haven’t made another since she passed. This basket reminds me of those days and if I were to win it, it would have a prominent place in my home. It’s beautiful!

  93. Brenda Ellis says

    The Egg Basket is always my favorite of all baskets – have made a few along the way and I have to say I enjoy making these the most.

  94. Mary Laws says

    This basket would be perfect for the grandchildren to collect their “treasures” in as we explore and collect samples of nature. Feathers, small stones, shells, and beautiful leaves provide special memories for us to bring home. I’d love this basket!

  95. vicki kovacs says

    Love this basket. Love that people still use their talents to make beautiful baskets. Would love to have this in my country home here in Ohio.

  96. Connie Rice says

    One of my favorite things is baskets. They are useful, versatile, and so decorstive. They add a touch of beauty to a whole room.

  97. Michelle McCain says

    Would love to win this for my oldest son to give to his Grandmother. He is 29 and when he was 2 he tripped over his own feet as toddlers do and broke hers. To this day, she talks about how much she misses her egg basket. :)

  98. Cyndi Ervin says

    Nice basket. I have always wanted to learn how to make those. Just not enough hours in the day. Thanks for offering this one!

  99. says

    Thank you for this opportunity to win this beautiful basket! I would love using this basket to gather the daily fresh eggs from the nest boxes. Or maybe use it for decor in our country home! 😀

  100. Sandra Stephens says

    I love beautiful handmade baskets. I would be so grateful to have the pleasure if gathering my eggs in such a beautiful piece of handwork.

  101. says

    Thank you for offering this chance to win this beautiful basket! I would love to collect the daily fresh eggs from the nest boxes with this basket or use it for decor in our country home!

  102. Sandra Kirby Brown says

    Love your FB Page!! I have been collecting handmade baskets since I was about 12 years old. My sweet mother gathered eggs in a pretty oak handmade basket. I inherited the job until I reached in the nest only to touch a chicken snake!! It took a long time for me to get the nerve to gather those eggs again!! I would love to add this beautiful egg basket to my collection. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  103. says

    I was raised using a woven basket like this, my grandmother used it everyday. When “God” took her home. Someone got the basket. I am starting to raise chickens and would love to have this Egg Basket, so my children & grand children & I could keep the tradition going as my grandmother and I did from earlier generations. It was perfect, the eggs never rolled out or got broke.

  104. Kathleen Doyle Neumaier says

    I would love to win this beautiful basket for my friend Patti. It would be perfect for collecting her eggs.

  105. Barbara Blissard says

    I would love to win this egg basket. I think my love of baskets goes back to my great grandfathers people… they were Cherokee. Have a blessed day!

  106. kathy conklin gatton says

    This is a beautiful basket. I just started collecting baskets. At age 63 it was to m e foe a hobby. Beautiful work.

  107. says

    Simplicity! I collect baskets this would be a great addiction to my collection, I use baskets for everything from towels, soaps, bird seed, shoes to blankets. Love baskets…

  108. Shannon Miller says

    This little basket would be perfect on our little farm in the Pacific Northwest. Also I enjoyed the background information on the basket.

  109. Suzie says

    Oh wow that’s such a pretty little basket and I’d be so grateful to win it! It would look so nice on the table at Christmas dinner with ornaments in it!

  110. Norm Stoysich says

    Great Craftsmanship! If this fine basket could only tell us one days worth of, ” And Then …………………”

  111. says

    I would love to have a basket like this one.My neighbors are gone for the winter and I collect their eggs and feed them. I collected the eggs in a bowl and they roll around , this basket would be perfect for that. Hope I can win it. Thanks for the chanch.


  112. Norma Young says

    Love this basket.I have always loved egg baskets takes me to another place and time .good luck to ever gets the beautiful egg basket.country girl at heart.

  113. Sharon Owens says

    This reminds me of the baskets my grandmother used to gather eggs in. Would really love to have this one. Thank you for the giveaway, regardless of who wins it.

  114. Vicki Traughber says

    I love baskets and I hope to win this one.
    Wishing you and yours a great bounty to share this Thanksgiving!

  115. Ofelia pankratz says

    I remember this type baskets, we would gather the eggs for mom. Not only beautiful but functional. Love love!!!!

    • ChickenReview says

      Hi Vivki, A Lady named July Nelson won the basket. Thank you for entering. :) We will have more to giveaway. Keep checking in. :)

    • ChickenReview says

      Hi Beth, A Lady named July Nelson won the basket. Thank you for entering. :) We will have more to giveaway. Keep checking in. :)

  116. says

    I have enjoyed the photos of the chickens. They remind me of my son’s. He had HOUDANS, SILKIES, ETC. The baskets are beautifully made. Thank you for this site. May Peters

  117. Jody white says

    My mom used to make these when were growing up, i would love to teach my grandchildren as well. Beautiful and durable, a timeless treasure!

  118. Sheila Belveal says

    This would be a great basket to add to my collection and we are planning on raising some chickens soon so may come in handy then or get a new one.

  119. jenny says

    I have a similar basket that I inherited from someone (can’t remember now). At the farmers market I put all my breads in beautiful baskets like this. Being a baker who kneads by hand, I understand the value of hand made items like this.

    • ChickenReview says

      Hi Melissa, I really don’t know outside of eBay. I have another one a little larger we are going to giveaway after Christmas. Check back with us.

  120. Jill Bueno says

    That basket would be PERFECT for my 3 yr. old granddaughter to collect eggs from the chicken coop. She gets so excited finding the eggs and it helps with her counting skills.

  121. Ruth Borlie says

    Love it. I would love to have one as I collect baskets and love chickens. My kitchen is chickens — not real ones– but every sort of collectable ones. The basket would just top it off.

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