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Paper Doll


Paper Dolls have been around for a long time. These beauties have been made in several different countries and little girls have enjoyed them for many years. Before the paper dolls were made many young child cut pictures out of catalogs and played with them.

Some families were like ours and really could not afford these things when the children were young and the catalog was the only resource available for play dolls! Stick dolls and many others have been played with over the years but the paper doll was and still is a favorite for many.

There are lots of people who have a collection of these beautiful dolls and collect many different varieties of them. McLoughlin Brothers, was founded in early 1800 and was the largest maker of paper dolls. They sold out to Milton Bradley in the 1920’s.

download Paper Doll 1

Paper Doll 2

Paper Doll









Paper ages and decays fairly fast if not stored correctly and because of this there are many paper dolls that are very expensive. Many vintage un-cut paper dolls will sell for $100.00 – $500.00 and above.

We are giving away this Paper Doll named “My Darling”. She is made by Mein Liebing, a German Company.

The doll stands 18″ tall and is hand painted.

The accessories include:

  • 6 – Hand painted out its
  • 6 – Black and white outfits tat you cn color yourself
  • The cross piece for her stand is missing but this is something that can be cut from cardboard. Even a thin piece of paneling or lauan would work great.

To enter this drawing:

  • You must have a USA address.
  • You have to leave a comment in the field below.
  • You can register once per day
  1. The contest ends at midnight Sunday June 1st.
  2. We will draw a random drawing for the winner by Tuesday and they will be notified then.
  3. You must respond by Saturday the 7th or we will draw a new winner.
  4. Keep an eye on your email next week! ๐Ÿ™‚

There are many Paper Dollsย out there for you to choose from.

Thank you for entering our Paper Doll giveaway!


    • says

      Love this post. Thanks for sharing history of the nostalgic paper doll (I too did the catalog cutouts and loved every minute of it).
      My mom turned me on to your blog and we are thrilled.
      Please please add me to this wonderful contest!
      Thanks (:

  1. Ellen says

    She is so beautiful;) I use to collect paper dolls as a child; and I am half German;-) It is also, my birthday, June 2nd, so this would be a wonderful birthday present;-) LOve her!!!

  2. Linda J Crosby says

    I love your site and the things you have on your site. thanks for such good recipes. and all the work you put in to your site.I was getting the eclairs and chocolate pudding recipe tonight.
    but i was thinking of something i read on your site about drippings and saving grease. I think we need to go back to saving and cooking with the lard and such. I can not make bread like my mom’s She used lard i use Crisco or butter or olive oil . it does not turn out as good as my mom’s ever.

  3. mary ann sager says

    She is adorable I have many fond memories from paper dolls and she would be a true treasure

  4. Gail Telecky says

    I love the things posted by Back Roads Living, this give away is icing on the cake. Thank you!

  5. Ella McKinnon says

    Always loved playing with paper dolls when I was a child, now would love to be able to give some to my great grand daughter.

  6. Lynn Hall says

    This is a beautiful doll. I played with paper dolls as a child & they became my playmates. I would love to have these paper dolls. Brings back many happy memories, & I would love to share with my 9 year old great granddaughter who has never had paper dolls to play with.

  7. Jean Thompson says

    What Beautiful Dolls…. since I had all boys I feel like I need something Girly. ! ! .. I sure would love to win this Paper Doll and her Clothes……

  8. Suzanne Stephens says

    Spent countless hours playing with paper dolls and yes, I enjoyed cutting them out of catalogs too! Please enter me in the contest. Would love to pass this tradition on to my daughter!

  9. Linda Price says

    i spent many hours playing with my paper dolls as a child….even making clothes for them! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great contest.

  10. margery whiting says

    I would love to win!!!! Its not for me it would be for my grand daughter she is home schooled, I know she would enjoy them..

  11. Charles V. Lewis says

    Would love to win this for my sister, thank you for providing this, God Bless you ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Nancy Myers says

    I love old stuff! I would cherish these and then pass them down someday to one of my granddaughters!

  13. Sandra McDowell says

    We did not have much money when I was
    growing up and paper dolls were my favorite.
    I used to make them from catalogs and finally
    one day I got one for my birthday.A great memory
    you have rekindled. Thank you for sharing these

  14. norma clevenger says

    I hope I win I love paper dolls and played them all the time when I was little. Thanks for letting me enter

  15. Ella McKinnon says

    Would love to have these paper dolls for children to play with that come to visit our home.

  16. Robin says

    I loved paper dolls as a child. Unfortunately none of them survived. Would love to win and start collecting old sets.

  17. Mary Villegas says

    These are so very nice. I remember playing with paper dolls when I was a very young girl. Either store bought or home made ones we cut out of catalogs.

  18. Ellen Hotchkiss says

    My mother bought my sisters and me some of these many years ago. They brought us so much pleasure. I love your website and your postings on facebook.

  19. Russ Dubbels says

    My mother was raised by her single mother and my great aunt. But both worked so my mother was bustled off to a convent during the week. She only had paper dolls to play with since they were easy to transport back then. This was on the late 1920’s. She saved them and when our daughter Apryl turned 6, her grandmother gave them to her. She died the next year. But it got our daughter started and now she is 41 and collects and still plays with them.

  20. Joyce Lind says

    My sister and I always watched the mail come into the house for the McCalls magazine . with betsy McCall in the back … I always loved them … wore them out and miss them .. These paper dolls are beautiful .. I hope someone makes more and opens an online store ..I love paper dolls… Thank you so much for the memories .

  21. says

    Love this paper doll , did not know that you were giveaway. I know I late . Here is my email above. I just love back roads living is one of my favorite post on Facebook . it reminds my of my childhood . Thanks, Kaye

  22. Donald Beacham says

    …remember paper dolls from childhood with my mother and her sisters having some similar to this one…..

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