Black Americana Salt & Pepper W/ Grease Jar

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Hello y’all, We have some wonderful Black Americana we are giving this week. While were were out and about running the Back Roads here in Southeastern Kentucky we ran across some wonderful items for you! We do not find much of this anymore as people seem to hang on to it more! These are wonderful items!We found a pair of Vintage Black Americana Salt & Pepper Shakers with a matching Grease Jar! The Salt and Pepper are the vintage Mammy and Salty Chef and the Grease Jar is made like a old cook stove! these are in very nice condition as well.

download (1)download (3)

As you can see, there is a small chip under the foot of Salty the Chef! When he is stood up you cannot see it at all. The grease jar has a hairline crack in the back and underneath. None of this hurts the display of these beautiful pieces. Please loo kat the photos.

I cannot find any other damage at all on these lovely items. If you collect these itmes this is a terrific chance to get them if you do not already have them. Tell a friend so they can come by and register also!

download (4)

download (5)


These have nothing to do with putting down any race or creed. We would never do that! These are wonderful and very collectible. Please view them for what they are.

download (2)download (6)


The rules to enter are simple.

You must have a USA mailing address for us to ship to if you are the winner.
You only have to leave a comment in the form below to register!
The winner will be chosen by random number drawing.
You will be notified by the email registered to your comment you leave.
You can register once a day for the drawing.

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  1. Troy D. Gipson says

    Wonderful set, would go great with the rest of my collection.. Great set of Americana History.

  2. Laura Schaefer says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! These are wonderful! It would certainly be a blessing to have!

  3. Lois Lee says

    Love them and yes they are apart of history and would love to display them in my kitchen!!! Please pick me!!!!

  4. says

    I have my mother in laws Black Americana toaster cover & I cover she had made to sit over her Coventional Cooker (I believe that is what they r called now, it’s an old 1 from the 60’s, too) as a cover. She has passed on now, & before she got so sick, me & my husband went looking for a set of salt & pepper shakers like these for her for Mother’s day. She collected salt & pepper shakers too. But we couldn’t find any. I would love these items to put on display with her collection in her Memory. I am 60 yrs old now & I will take really good care of this collection. TY, for taking the time to read my story & sorry it was long. I just wanted to explain why I wanted them. God Bless U, & Ur’s.

  5. Gigi Christine says

    Oh, I would love to win these! They are a part of our southern history and remind me of visits to my great grandma’s in Elkton, Ky when I was a little girl-would just love to have them!

  6. Janet German says

    Oh I’d love to win this to give to my daughter. She collects S&P shakers and doesn’t have this set. They’re adorable!!!

  7. Stacy Addler says

    My grandmother has some similar to these and I hadn’t thought about them in years! I would love to add them to my curio cabinet! They are gorgeous!

  8. Donna says

    My mom had a set like this! She never had it sitting out for us to enjoy. It was wrapped up and packed away with other treasures she had! It just made it that much more special!

  9. Sheila says

    I absolutely adore these !! My sweet Grandma had several things in her kitchen of this couple but always in black,white,and red. I would love to have these in my kitchen for a reminder of her and our precious time together. Thank you

  10. Deborah Leavelle says

    they don’t make ’em like this anymore….proving their value and worth…
    love them..

  11. Bruce Bruce says

    I remember when items like this were common, But like everything else that was once good in America, Its a rare fine anymore.

  12. sheri culver robinson says

    I would love to add these to my small collection of Black Americana,I only have a few items but I just love what I do have

  13. says

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  14. says

    I so totally love your website, The recipes are so good & down home country cooking. The pictures of the old days, & stuff you have for sale that reminds us of better days from or Grannys place & country living. The beautiful pics. Love. The Americana’s set too you have a great way of reminding us of the way of living that was pure & wholesome. I’m waiting on my book I ordered from your website Life for Nancy, can’t wait to get it. Thanks for bringing back childhood memories of times that were the best of family times together.

  15. Cris Coronado says

    My sister is a Salt n’ Pepper shaker collector.I’d love to surprise her with these,if I were to win them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Arlene Beavers says

    My mother had a set of the original red and black salt and pepper shakers. I don’t think this giveaway has anything to do with discrimination.I would love to win this set. I would be proud to display it in my kitchen with my chickens.

  17. Debbie moore says

    I have collected different versions of these but, don’t have these. Would love to own them! Makes me have fond memories of growing up!!



  19. Tony Waldrop says

    I remember when I was just a little fellow my Grandma had a set of these. She said that the lady looked like “Miss Pickles”, (one of my Grandpa’s old girl friends)

  20. says

    I have a small area in my kitchen/dining room for my black collectibles, I would most definitely enjoy adding these to my collection. That is so nice of you to give these away and this is my first time to visit this website of yours! It looks so interesting, I can’t wait to check everything else too. I used to have an antique shop myself but had to sell with declining health issues with both me and my wonderful husband. I sure do miss those days!

  21. Rhonda Crosby says

    I’d love to win these beautiful old pieces to give to my sister-in-law.She collects this type of collectibles. Thanks for the opportunity to win them

  22. Sharolyn says

    These are just precious! A great addition to any vintage/country style kitchen…which describes my own kitchen. My mom had a set of salt shakers similar to these so these would make a wonderful memory item for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Marie says

    What a wonderful addition this would be to my S & P set collection that I have been collecting for about 35-40 years. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win them.

  24. says

    my daughter moved to Kentucky after graduating from culinary school this april, she is moving into a rental house, I would love to give her these as a house warming present, my mother use to have some similar

  25. wanda y says

    I collect salt and pepper shakers. They are beautiful and will they would be pretty in my collection.

  26. says

    I tried to collect the Beautiful Aunt Jemimah figurines I have found over the years, but as you said they are few & far between. I have several and some Uncle Roscoe too!!! I proudly display them along with cat collectibles I have also. They are beautiful !!! I have never seen these b/4, but just love them!!!!

  27. Dena Baird says

    I have the s/p with grease container with the yellow and black. My husband’s grandmother passed them down to us years ago. Such a treasurer.

  28. Dena Baird says

    We have the s/p with grease container with yellow and black. My husband’s grandmother passed them down to us years ago. What a treasure.

  29. Wendy Woodward says

    These are awesome! I would love to add these to my collection of salt & pepper shackers! Thank you for the chance to win these beauties!

  30. Ann Reese says

    I love these, I have a collection that my Aunt Charlotte gave me when she passed. But I’ve never seen a grease jar before. Thank you for making this possible for some one to add to their collection.

  31. says

    My grand mother collected ” black Americana” and she had a beautiful set oh salt and pepper shakers like these! I loved everything in her kitchen! I would love to have these. Her daughters got all of her kitchen supplies so I never saw them again!

  32. connie teeters says

    I love these! I really, really want to win! I love this site. I just went through the tips and tricks and found a lot of helpful things. I shared a few on my facebook for my friends and family.

  33. Cecelia White says

    I love the black Americana collectibles. My sister collects these and she would love to have this set. I hope to win so that I would be able to give them to her. Thanks

  34. Gloria Phelps Bullock says

    Hi, It’s been a while Charles and Sandra, I keep forgetting about your give aways, but here goes. Blessings friends

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