Cleaning Cast Iron by Electrolysis

Cleaning Cast Iron by Electrolysis

Cleaning Cast Iron by Electrolysis

This article will guide you through the process of cleaning cast iron by electrolysis. If you have never tried this, you will be pleasantly pleased with both the ease of cleaning and the results you get!

Have you ever thrown out or got rid of a nice piece of cookware because you had no idea how to clean old cast iron?

You are not alone! Literally tons of very good cast iron have been trashed or taken to the land fields or metal buyers because it has always been so hard to clean! [Read more…]

Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

As more and more people turn to sustainable living the demand for chickens continue to rise! The Chicken Coop Designs and sales have also increased!

One of the most basic needs are Chicken Coop Nesting boxes! Every coop or house needs a nesting box for the hens!

In each coop one nesting box will accommodate 3 – 4 of those worthy ladies! This will allow them to pay their way or as my granny used to say, “earn their keep”! [Read more…]

2 Easy Recipes with Ground Beef

Easy Recipes with Ground Beef

2 Very Easy Recipes With Ground Beef

When you look forward to having some protein for the night’s dinner, you have many types of meats and such to choose from. But if you look at your budget, very few proteins will come to your use that are less expensive than ground beef. Now that we have decided you have ground beef to cook for your dinner, lets figure out what you should cook. You can make so many dishes out of this simple chunk of meat. But, properly cooking ground beef is quite difficult, as you don’t want it to be greasy and foul tasting.  [Read more…]

Delicious Crock Pot Pork Loin Simple and Easy

Crockpot Pork Loin

Pulled_pork_over_rice A Crock Pot is a multipurpose kitchen tool. It helps cooking in the kitchen while working and makes the house smell very good. This fantastic kitchen tool makes meats very juicy. Pork loin can easily dry out. Crock pot cooking is a fool proof method of cooking which keeps the meat juicy all the time. So with this Crock Pot Pork Loin there is no need to worry of it drying out of the pork loin while it is cooking. Pork meats become tender from slow cooking all day. [Read more…]

How to take care of Chickens

How to take care of Chickens

This is a question we have been ask time and time again, folks want to know how to take care of chickens? In this article we will explore several things involved in taking care of chickens.

Although they are not one of the harder pets or critters to care for there are things you need to know. Such as, how to raise baby chicks and what to feed them. When are they old enough to be put outside? Do you change the food at certain ages? Do they need a coop? How many laying boxes do you need? The list can be long but not complicated! So, to find lots of information on taking care of chickens, just keep on reading! [Read more…]

Chicken Illnesses, Symptoms, Causes, Cure, Prevention


How to take care of ChickensThe consequence of chicken illnesses can cause significant difficulties when it comes to raising poultry. Sooner or later, an epidemic amongst a specific group of chicken may break out as a result of a single case of an untreated poultry disease. Therefore, it’s important that you recognize the symptoms of various chicken illnesses and become aware of the causes of various poultry diseases so that you can provide treatment as soon as possible as well as to implement preventive measures to ensure that it does not affect other chickens. [Read more…]

What is the best Chicken food

Chicken FoodSo, you may ask, What is the best chicken food?

Chickens are production birds and therefore demand a highly nutritious diet. Even though some people keep them as pets, they still require a lot of nutrients to help them grow and also lay eggs.

When ask what is the best chicken food, the answer is largely dependent on the type of chicken and whether they are being raised for eggs or meat. [Read more…]