The Rose of Sharon Plant

The Rose of Sharon Plant

The Rose of Sharon plant holds a special memory and lesson for me on Kelly’s Creek in the Georgia mountains. The blooms turned soft faces toward the brightness of a July sun as Mama scooted the clothespin bag along  a tightly stretched wire. She pinned up the last of the laundry then went back inside the house to check on Dad.

His health was failing and most of his days were spent in his arm chair in the corner of the living room. Traditional Knapp work boots sat in the corner beside him as he waited for an ingrown toenail to heal, which never did. The doctor removed the toe. Clogged leg veins blocked healing blood flow. We drove him to the hospital twice a day for strong antibiotic treatments.  Each time he begged not to go.  “They are burning me up with medicine.” He only got worse and depended on a walker to slowly get around. [Read more…]

Many Baby Powder Uses

Baby Powder Uses:

What are some Baby Powder uses? Sometimes I wonder how to us items more than what they are just designed for. Well, in this article we will share some baby powder uses! I know it was designed for babies but yet; there are many other uses for it!

Check out the list below and be sure to leave your comment on baby powder uses we may have left out!

We recommend using Non-Talc Powders when applying to your person.

Baby Powder Uses

  • Pet cleaning: Baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo for your pet. Your pet will be left with a fresh smell without the tub of water! They will enjoy it as much as you will.

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Best Fly Bait for Fly Traps

The Best Fly Bait for Fly Traps

In some climates flies can become an unbearable pest, especially as they increase rapidly in numbers. Although they have short life cycles, they gravitate to areas of human habitation and won’t go away without intervention.

It’s well known that flies transport a wide range of disease and disease-causing organisms. So dealing with them should be high on your list of priorities.

Keeping their numbers under control can become an ongoing war, unless that is you start fighting smarter. Using the best fly bait for fly trap’s isn’t just a good idea, it’s the best idea.

There are a couple of different ways to formulate the best fly bait, and it depends on a few factors. You need to take into account the severity of your fly problem, where the worst affected areas are, and your budget. [Read more…]

What to bring Camping for Overnight

What to bring Camping

What to bring Camping

What to bring camping is a question we hear at Back Roads Living throughout the year. Folk’s camp year round and we are just going to cover a few of the basic need sin this article. With these items you should be able to enjoy a overnight camp.

To start packing for your first overnight hiking trip you can use the checklist provided in this write-up to ensure you have all the essentials things with you that can keep you comfortable on your trip. You can change, add or remove any of these items as per your personal preferences and experience, if any.

We are going to try to give you some pointers to answer the question, what to bring camping for overnight stays. It can be disturbing to find out what to carry with you if you are planning camping overnight for the first time. You have to decide what you can carry with your from the comforts of your home, provided by your modern lifestyle, as you will have to carry them on your back. [Read more…]


Standard Pallet Size

What is the Standard Pallet size?

I see this question a lot lately on the Internet.

What is the importance of knowing the standard pallet size?

Well the number one reason is so you can calculate how many pallets you need to complete your project!

A standard pallet measures four feet (48”) x forty inches (4o”) x six and a half inches (6.5”) tall.

Pallets will have slats on both sides and the number can vary depending on the width of the slats.  If they only have slats on one side they are actually referred to as skids and not pallets.

The great thing, [Read more…]